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Calling all cars…

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005

You’ll like this. Not a lot… maybe not at all.

Today I chased up Craft Supplies, since the neck wood for John’s guitar *still* hasn’t arrived. Their records showed it as being sent last week, and the Parcel force records showed it as delivered. Which it wasn’t.

So, the ever helpful Hayley @ Craft Supplies rang Parcel Farce to see who signed for the parcel. And…?

The van containing my order was stolen from the London Parcel Farce depo. Somewhere in London, some scabby little git is driving around in a stolen van, with Craft Supplies’ last 2 Santos Rosewood neck blanks bouncing around in the back. Yep, their last 2. The only 2 they had.

Thank you Mr. Criminal mastermind, you’ve really made my day. You bastard.

On a lighter note, has anyone seen the Burger King ‘Kong your Whopper’ ad? Man walking down NY street, burger falls from sky… squashes car (apparently quite common)… ring any bells? Next time, keep any eye out for the small print which flashes up: Burger shown not actual size.

Dear god…

How much is your blog worth…?

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

My blog is worth $3,387.24.
How much is your blog worth?

StewMac 1 : Craft supplies 0…

Monday, December 19th, 2005

As ever Stew Mac have lived up to their reputation for great customer service, by getting the hardware I ordered for John’s guitar delivered from the States in under a week.

Grover sta-tites and Hipshot Tremolo

Apparently my Craft Supplies order should also arrive today, so I’ll withhold and proper griping for the time being… and make do with a minor grumble about how it’s possible for StewMac to get goods from America to my door in less than 7 days, and Craft Supplies takes twice that time to get it here from Derbyshire. Whilst I’m having a grumble, I’ll take the opportunity to bitch about the prices of UK suppliers. The Grover tuners I got from Stew Mac cost £22, plus shipping and import tax (if I get stung by DHL for processing). The price from WDUK? £47 - nice little markup for somebody….

Still, the price difference meant that by ordering from the States John will get a much nice bridge for his money. The hipshot tremolo looks like a great piece - very nicely finished, and intelligently designed. Instead of machined knife edges which can get burred and cause tuning problems, the hipshot has polished ballbearings - nice idea.

Shiny bearings!

On a kind of related note, my guitars saw their first stage useage last night, in the debut performance by The Lobsters. More on this on Pete’s Blog. Neither of them blew up, fed back, or otherwise disgraced me.

**Edit** - No show from Craft Supplies’ order. Apparently it shipped on Thursday, but I guess it’s tied up in the Xmas post. Bah Humbug :(

Some progress…

Thursday, December 15th, 2005

…and a new toy.

I got some necks roughed out today, from some mahogany which I had left over after building my Les Paul. I originally thought I’d get a 2 piece flatsawn neck out of this piece, but with a little careful cutting I squeezed two quartered necks out:

One will go in my stock pile for later, the other got a wenge centre lamination, and will be the neck for a new doublecut. Like Simo’s neck, I tapered the centre lamination, from 11mm at the heel, down to 8 at the nut. With the quartered mahogany, and a centre laminate of super-stiff, quartersawn wenge, this’ll be a nice stiff neck.

Also, this evening I went to my Grandparents for supper, and my Bon Papa presented me with a lovely 1930’s Record #5 in very nice condition, complete with honing guide in original box. It’s a great present, and will get a lot of use - thanks Bonnepapa.

John’s doublecut…

Monday, December 12th, 2005

Work has started on a new commision - a doublecutaway chambered electric for John G’. The design is based on the DC in the gallery, which was my 3rd scratch built guitar, and was in turn based on the Gibson LP Doublecut. It’s a popular body shape - and has been adopted & adapted by a number of high end builders such as Ron Thorn and Paul Reed Smith (PRS).

Here’s my take on it:

24 fret DC

John’s will feature RW/maple/RW double binding, a 24 fret Santos RW neck, and a Hipshot 2 point tremolo. At the same time, I’ll experiment with building two guitars at once - to see how much setup time I save for each operation. The sister guitar will be the same body style, but with minimal detailing, 22 frets, and a string through tune-a-matic bridge.

Progress will be slow for a while, since parts still need to arrive, but the first step has been taken - the mahogany bodies have been jointed and glued up, and a maple top bookmatched and joined. The maple may end up in John’s guitar, depending on which top he chooses from a few on offer.

Left to right: John’s beautifully ribbon-striped body blank, the maple top, and the less figured body for the 22 fret guitar.

mahogany, maple, mahogany

More updates as it progresses…

All I want for Christmas…

Thursday, December 8th, 2005

…is a 17″ bandsaw.

And somewhere to put it.

Sadly, I doubt even Santa could hande the logistics of fitting a bandsaw down my chimney, so I’ll just have to make do with the cheap & not remotely cheerful alternative:

Don\'t try this at home...

This is definately not the way to resaw maple :(