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Shit, shit, shit.

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

Today was a genre defining ‘I should never have got out of bed’ day. One of those days where everything you touch turns to shit, and just when you think the pile of indignites is heaped so high that nothing else can possibly go wrong, somebody manages to balance another one on top.

Based on the uncanny accuracy of Tuesdays’ prediction, I imagine my stars for today looked something like this:


To have had a flat battery this morning would have been annoying. Likewise, to dent the crap out of the landing door whilst parking would be annoying. To lock the keys in it 5 minutes after getting it home would be annoying too. Doing all 3 in 1 day would be enough to convince you the van was cursed.

Van man…

Monday, November 20th, 2006

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, there’s not been much happening guitar wise; my current builds are unchanged since I started the new job.

That’s not to say I haven’t been making sawdust in the garage - the last week I’ve been out there full time, fitting out the locksmith van which I will ultimately be turned loose in. In light of my less than comprehensive driving experience (read: 6 months driving in the 3 years since I passed my test) my bosses decided it would be unwise to release me on an unsuspecting world in a Transit, so I was set the challenge of shoehorning a transit-sized amount of stock and tools into the rather less than transit sized Vauxhall combo.

Quite apart from the size, the shape is enough to make for some serious headscratching - nothing in the van is geometric or straight, and there’s no reference for square or plumb (moving from one side of the van to the other changes what’s upright - great!) - I got pretty good at scribing and fitting to curved surfaces by the time I’d got all those shelves in! I also got to break out a few tools I’ve not used much before, not least the air nailer, which allowed me to channel my inner Norm Abraham and thunk nails into everything in arms reach.

new_van3.jpg new_van2.jpg

It all looks nice and square there - but if you look at the first couple of uprights in place you can see how curvy the interior is - every component had to be trimmed to height or length, tried in place and scribed to fit before being cutout on the bandsaw.

van_left.jpg van_right.jpg

Aerodynamics be buggered - if you ask me, this is how a van should look.