Bank holiday gubbins…

Over the last few days I’ve been kept pretty busy, working at the shop, going out and about, and working on a commission. It’s a bolt on neck for a member of Project guitar, and I’ve thrown together a page about it for anyone who cares.

On Thursday night I went to Woody’s, and saw Tim and Jamie’s band, End of the New. It was a very solid set, with James’ drumming conspicuously improved (he was throwing in some very tasty tom fills). A good night all in all, apart from a niggling problem with the vocal balance, which seemed to effect every band on the bill. After the set I got the chance to check out Tim’s new duosonic, which I recently worked on for him, installing a Fender Dynamic tremolo and dressing the fret ends. It’s all done now, and looks pretty cool with the new mustang trem, and dual lipstick pickups. It was only along as a back up so I didn’t get to see it in action, but apparently it’ll be christened before too long.

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  1. Tim Says:

    Indeed. Very nice work on the Mustang trem Ant! I’ve finished it by installing a couple of reissue Danelectro lipstick pickups (a ‘vintage aged’ in the neck, and a standard one in the bridge). The latter is the same as those fitted to my modern DC-3, nice and bright. I’ve had fun with the wiring too- a push-pull on the volume pot puts the pickups out of phase, while the push-pull on the tone pot kicks-in a nice midtone eq circuit.
    Info on the wiring I’ve done on this guitar here:

    Simple but important Volume mod:

    Midtone eq:

    This guitar was conceived as something similar to my Danelectro, but with more focus, and less of the ‘growl’ caused by the hollowness of the DC-3. It’s also a sight more comfortable to play. Hopefully making it’s live debut soon with The Sailplanes!

  2. Gilbert Says:

    TC ne nous a pas habitue9 e0 faire de la daube donc e7a deavirt eatre un truc assez e9norme pour faire un teaser pareil !Et une appli iPhone ne me parait pas eatre un truc e9norme Les simulations d’ampli existantes sur iPhone e0 mon avis ce sont des gadgets, sympa pour s’entrainer e9ventuellement, mais meame pas au niveau d’un petit simulateur de9die9 Bref, j’espe8re mieux de leur part

  3. Lukas Says:

    I’m going to say a good amplifier is more inmartopt than good pickups, particularly when it comes to distorted amp tones. A crappy amp will ruin any sound, even if you have really awesome pickups. But you could get some decent sounds out of a good amp with almost any pickups.The fact that you’re stuck with the sound of your pickups but can adjust the sound of the amp sort of reinforces my assertion.

  4. Jaqueline Says:

    Both are iartpomnt but to me the amp is more iartpomnt. Maybe I’ve just never played a guitar with bad enough pups before, but even my Squire sounds good through one of my nice tube amps and conversely even my Gibson Custom Shop sounds bad through a crappy amp. But tone is subjective, some think a Fender Cyber Twin is the greatest thing since sliced bread and I think it sounds bad.

  5. Bala Says:

    better pickups are most impoatrnt, if you have bad pickups, the guitar will sound bad through any amp, you can always start off with a good amp, but you can’t replace the pickups easily.

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