New guitar stuff…

I’ve updated the Les Paul diary, which now includes spraying the sunburst and attaching the fretboard. Next up: Carving the back of the neck and finishing the colour coats. I’ve also updated the bolt on neck page to show the installed trussrod cover and shaped heel.

Also of note: My parents are back from a month of travelling around Australia. Cue many pictures of spectacular scenery, Koalas & Roos, and the arrival of a lifetime supply of stubbie holders…

Stubbie Holders

9 Responses to “New guitar stuff…”

  1. Pete Says:

    Unfortunately we have to supply our own lifetime supply of stubbies. Bugger.

  2. Tim Says:

    On guitar necks… Ant, how difficult would it be to remove the fretboard from that Hagstom neck you’ve got? I’ve got a funny idea, it may pass, but if that were possible I love a Hag neck made of cast aluminum. For which I’d need a mould…

  3. Ant Says:

    Pulling fretboards is pretty easy on unbound necks, though the hagstrom is a little thinner than most, especially with the channel in the middle to accomodate the trussrod.

    Should still be fairly simple if you want to go for it. I’ve removed more fretboards than I care to admit, so it’s nothing I haven’t done before. You’d be on your own with the casting though…

  4. Jamie Says:

    Hi everybody!

  5. Everybody Says:


  6. Tim Says:

    Pah, I can’t find anyone who casts aluminium in really small batches, so my Travis Beanstrom is gonna have to wait. I’ve some glorious plans for my stage guitar which you may be able to help me with anyway :-)

  7. Pete Says:

    Hey, you’re updating this site quite a lot, aren’t you Ant. I keep finding new stuff in the pages on the sidebar.

    You should post notifications on the blog when you do anything to your guitar pages or nobody will spot the update. Also, it will give people a new place to add comments….

  8. Jamie Says:

    Wot he said.

    *warning, shameless self promotion ahead*

    btw, anyone seen this Drowned in Sound review of our (now old) EP?

  9. Booty Says:

    big booties look good

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