It’s my birthday…

…and my lovely brother Pete has finally succumbed to my interminable nagging and created a blog for me. So now I have to pull my finger out and actually post on it.

My main reason for nagging Pete was so I’d have somewhere to put all of the guitar building content I’ve been generating over the last few years. I’ve been a regular poster over at Project Guitar for a few years now, and for several months I’d been using the forum there to post a photo diary of my last guitar build, a chambered Les Paul. Since the free image host I was using tanked, I’ll be re-posting the diary here.

5 Responses to “It’s my birthday…”

  1. Guy Says:

    Has your present arrived yet?

  2. Smoo Says:

    Happy Birthday Ant
    I look forward to reading more about how you built that guitar

  3. Tim Says:

    Howzaboot routing it for a Hagstrom trem? Sprroiiing!

  4. Ant Says:

    Guy - no present yet :( I picked up the parcel from the post office, and it was *another* t-shirt for Pete!

    Tim - not in this lifetime! I do quite like the mustang trem, and I don’t have any guitars with trems, except for the Floyd Rose-equipped-pointy-metal-Ibanez which sits in the corner unloved, so maybe on the next one. Certainly cheaper than a wilkinson…

  5. Dr Nick Says:

    And a late happy birthday to you!

    I’ve gotten into the habit of reading Pete’s blog…I have high hopes for you. I must be entertained! Don’t forget to post any freakish occurences at your job in addition to your guitar stuff…if we get enough material together we’ll make a movie.

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