…got round to completing the Les Paul diary. So, here’s a new shot to poke at with a stick.


If you’re too lazy to look right, here’s a direct link.

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  1. Tim Says:

    Hey look Ant, it arrived:

    This is gonna be real fun to fit in the Hagstrom III- mainly because the big plastic mounting plate is much too wide for the body. So the socket is gonna have to be mounted without this somehow. Good news is that the rest of the installation looks like a piece of piss. No fancy wiring needed, I just gotta work out where to hide all the new buttons and the synth volume knob.

  2. Tim Says:

    Oh, and I think I may have been a bit greedy about that hagstrom neck. Block inlays and binding are possibly a bit extravagant on a guitar that sees a much use (read ‘dropping’) as mine. Howzaboot a decent ebony (or v dark rosewood if that ain’t gonna happen) fretboard with MOP or clay dots?

  3. Ant Says:

    Ebony is no problem for the neck.

    I’m sure that squeezing the socket in is possible, either by devising an alternative mounting on the side of the guitar, or using an angled plate on the back of the guitar.

  4. Tim Says:

    Dude, where do you get your finishing supplies from? I’m trying to track down Fender custom colours in the UK. Suppliers in the US won’t ship cans of nitrocellulose paint here though.

  5. Ant Says:

    I use Rustin’s plastic coating, a 2 part cold cure lacquer, and add colour with alcohol based dyes. I haven’t actually done any solid colour finishes…

    Most of the Fender colours are automotive finishes, so you might track them down through car repair/parts places. I think Halford’s has some nitro colours, though most of their range is acrylic.

  6. Tim Says:

    Actually, they’re automotive finishes from the fifties and sixties. In America. In nitrocellulose. Tricky.
    I found a place that does nitro paint in cans and can apparently get most common colours or do matching if needed. I’m stripping a strat body as I type (found some stripper at last that munches the evil thick poly finish). Gonna use it to test a seafoam green solid color. If that works I’ll have a go at my Jazzmaster, then hopefully I’ll be well practiced for the refin on my hagstrom.

  7. Captain Jamie Says:

    Arrrhh, this post be more mysterious than the talk of code on Pete’s blog so it is.

  8. Pete Says:

    God dammit! Post something!

  9. Ant Says:

    Ant? But I’m Ant…. that’s confusing…

  10. Will Says:

    Seriously Ant, post something new. If only just sordid pictures of guitars. It’s gotta be better than dust.

  11. Pete Says:

    For some reason my browser thought it was you. I must’ve logged in before to fix something in your blog.

    You still need to post something.

  12. Bob Ironside Says:

    Love the Les Paul project. Didn’t realize the Les Paul’s had chambered bottoms like that. Almost a semi Acoustic set up there sans the f-holes I guess.

    Beautiful. You should make a film of you making a Les Paul from scratch and cell the DVD on your site. It’d be a smash!

    It looked as if you got a supply kit from somewhere. I’m from Canada but would like to know if there’s a website or what information you have about these supplies and where to get them.

    All the Best,

    Bob Ironside

  13. Bob Ironside Says:

    Tim what stripper are you using and where did you get your nitro finish? Be cool to find that out.


  14. Bob Ironside Says:

    Stewart MacDonald carries Nitrocellulose finishes.

  15. Ant Says:

    Hi Bob,

    In order:

    1. Most Les Pauls aren’t chambered, but accordingly they tend to be a bit hefty. I prefer not to get a hernia whilst playing, hence the chambers. I also think it does good things to the sound, though exactly what is pretty hard to pin down.

    2. I get my supplies from a variety of places, but most wouldn’t be very handy for you, since the UK is vastly expensive, and shipping would be even more. Stew Mac is a good source for hardware, and North America is drowning in good wood suppliers, two of the best being Gilmer’s and Gallery Hardwoods.

    I learned to do this using info from Melvyn Hiscock’s ‘make your own Electric guitar’, and the MIMF. Project guitar is another good source of info. Both sites are in my ‘Links’ section.

    3. Stew Mac does indeed stock nitro, but they don’t ship it abroad, due to hazradous materials limitations. Since Tim (and I) are both in the UK, this makes it a non-starter.

    Anyhow, cheers for looking in…

  16. Reinhars Says:

    Hi Tim
    Could you give me the name of the product you use to strip a poly finish?

  17. bob ironside Says:

    To be honest I don’t like the idea of having to baby a nitro finish anyway after looking at so many elder guitars with checked finishes due to cold [Canada is not in love with nitro finish if you have to gig at all].

    I’ve found more than a few wood suppliers now close by that are very affordable indeed. I love you method for getting the angle into the fixed neck of the Les Paul.

    I’d love to see a film on your method sometime. I bet you could sell it for sure. I’m dead set on getting myself some super quilt and otherwised deep figured maple and doing a couple of 59′ish tubby necked Les Pauls [yay]. I’ve never minded the weight very much but then again I’m so big the Les Paul looks like a Ukulele on me anyway [larfs].

    Thanks for all the info and I will be expecting a film from you at some point! You really should do that. I know I’d invest in it!

    All the Best
    Bob Ironside
    Peterborough Ontario Canada

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