Mammoth wood…

Every now and then, you get wood, which is so surprisingly massive, so really, very, very big, that it brings a tear to your eye. At times like this, there is only one appropriate response; whip out your camera, and post pics on the internet:

The monolith is a through sawn slab of european rippled sycamore, which should yield at least 6 bookmatched tops, and comes all the way from Sunny Scotland, via eBay. The little fellas at the bottom are also eBay scores, both african mahogany, both just a hair too narrow for 1 piece bodies, but plenty big enough to yield a 2 piece blank and a couple of necks each.

Now, I just need somewhere to put it…

9 Responses to “Mammoth wood…”

  1. Pete Says:

    So what guitars are these going to go into?

  2. Ant Says:

    The mahogany was bought for the mini-Les Paul, since it’s the perfect width for a 1 piece mini-body. The rest will go into my stock pile. The sycamore is mostly for the stock pile (once it’s chopped into blanks and/or resawn), though 1 topset will probably go onto John’s guitar.

  3. Matt Says:

    So, what projects do you have on the go at the moment? Did you ever finish that mandolin? When are the Lobsters going to have (or should that be “do”) a gig?

    I think that’s enough questions for now… don’t you?

  4. Ant Says:

    The mandolin is gathering dust at the moment - I got as far as fretting the fingerboard and profiling the neck, but I need to buy tuners before I go any further, and I have a feeling the neck is a bit too skinny, so it’s on hold for the time being.

    The mahogany arriving should let me finish work on a 3/4 size Les Paul which I’m working on - I have the neck pretty much complete, and a nice flame top glued up, so the mahogany was the missing ingredient.

    I’ll also be starting work on a commision soon, a DC very similar to the one in the gallery, but with a rosewood neck, a rippled sycamore top, and a few fancier appointments to dress it up. The deposit cheque is clearing as we speak :) I’m also thinking of doing a 2nd, minimalist DC at the same time, to see how much I time I save.

    God knows when the Lobsters will show their hand to the world; we’re ‘between’ drummers at the moment, so it’s unlikely to be anytime soon.

  5. Matt Says:

    Cool… glad you are getting paid to do this now … next time i need a guitar i will know where to come :-)

  6. Pete Says:

    Of course you’ll be posting on here as you build those guitars…. right?

  7. Ant Says:

    Should do - John said to Sarah that he’d like to see pics as the project progresses, and it’s fairly painless to post them on here. I doubt I’ll maintain the rambling monologue quite as much as I did on the Les Paul diary…

  8. Jamie Says:

    These guys rule

    Clearly an 0898z rip off mind…

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