StewMac 1 : Craft supplies 0…

As ever Stew Mac have lived up to their reputation for great customer service, by getting the hardware I ordered for John’s guitar delivered from the States in under a week.

Grover sta-tites and Hipshot Tremolo

Apparently my Craft Supplies order should also arrive today, so I’ll withhold and proper griping for the time being… and make do with a minor grumble about how it’s possible for StewMac to get goods from America to my door in less than 7 days, and Craft Supplies takes twice that time to get it here from Derbyshire. Whilst I’m having a grumble, I’ll take the opportunity to bitch about the prices of UK suppliers. The Grover tuners I got from Stew Mac cost £22, plus shipping and import tax (if I get stung by DHL for processing). The price from WDUK? £47 - nice little markup for somebody….

Still, the price difference meant that by ordering from the States John will get a much nice bridge for his money. The hipshot tremolo looks like a great piece - very nicely finished, and intelligently designed. Instead of machined knife edges which can get burred and cause tuning problems, the hipshot has polished ballbearings - nice idea.

Shiny bearings!

On a kind of related note, my guitars saw their first stage useage last night, in the debut performance by The Lobsters. More on this on Pete’s Blog. Neither of them blew up, fed back, or otherwise disgraced me.

**Edit** - No show from Craft Supplies’ order. Apparently it shipped on Thursday, but I guess it’s tied up in the Xmas post. Bah Humbug :(

3 Responses to “StewMac 1 : Craft supplies 0…”

  1. Tim sailplane Says:

    Ewwww open-backed grovers! You want some nice klusons on that fella!

  2. Ant Says:

    I wouldn’t put a kluson on anything I wanted to use: nasty stamped construction and fould plastic knobs… bleah!

    Grover Sta-tites are rock solid - 18:1 ratio, and nice smooth action. And, being open backed they are light - so no risk of a neck heavy guitar. There’s a reason so many people replace their klusons with a set of rotomatics you know…

  3. Tim sailplane Says:

    I whack Gotoh kluson copies on everything:

    Absolutely love the things, and when my hagstrom is finally back together it’s getting another set of these, but with nice oval plastic knobs. Fender mustang stylee.

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