Calling all cars…

You’ll like this. Not a lot… maybe not at all.

Today I chased up Craft Supplies, since the neck wood for John’s guitar *still* hasn’t arrived. Their records showed it as being sent last week, and the Parcel force records showed it as delivered. Which it wasn’t.

So, the ever helpful Hayley @ Craft Supplies rang Parcel Farce to see who signed for the parcel. And…?

The van containing my order was stolen from the London Parcel Farce depo. Somewhere in London, some scabby little git is driving around in a stolen van, with Craft Supplies’ last 2 Santos Rosewood neck blanks bouncing around in the back. Yep, their last 2. The only 2 they had.

Thank you Mr. Criminal mastermind, you’ve really made my day. You bastard.

On a lighter note, has anyone seen the Burger King ‘Kong your Whopper’ ad? Man walking down NY street, burger falls from sky… squashes car (apparently quite common)… ring any bells? Next time, keep any eye out for the small print which flashes up: Burger shown not actual size.

Dear god…

6 Responses to “Calling all cars…”

  1. Matt Says:

    Some burgers are quite big though:

  2. Ant Says:

    Admittedly, that’s big.

    I still suspect that dropping it on a car, even from quite high up, would be unlikely to crush said vehicle, though the sauce cleanup could take a while…

  3. Jamie Says:

    Funny you mention… I just managed to get my hands on two Santos Rosewood guitar necks the other day. I can’t say how, but if you want one of them, I can sort you out for around a monkey each.

    Also, I got a cracking van if someone wants to buy it.

  4. Kassandra Varga Says:

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  6. Tyson Joki Says:

    Spot on.

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