So much wood!

Another arrival this morning, all the way from Portland Oregon, courtesy of Rich Fry. 4 Beautifully figured, 1 piece black limba body blanks, 2 figured maple bookmatches (1 quilt, one flame, both carved top thickness) and 2 sets of ziricote fingerboard blanks with matched head veneers - this is some really great stuff!

The motherlode...

Also, I confess to being quite exited that some of the packing was comprised of foam workshop flooring, which will be flattened out and laid down in my garage ASAP. I was so exited by the heady combination of pretty wood and practical flooring (is anything more overwhelming than practical flooring, really?) that I didn’t even wince when the delivery guy told me about the £50 Customs charge.

well, only a little.

7 Responses to “So much wood!”

  1. Jamie Says:

    If you’re currently happy not having employment, I think you should go do some work experience for a carpenter. Seriously, It’s not as if you don’t have the skills or bizarre infactuation with wood.

    Thing is, I’ve always wanted to be a carpenter, so if you become one, it’s gonna be a bitter pill to swallow…

  2. Ant Says:

    I’ve been looking into carpentry/joinery/cabinetry as a possible career for a while now, and it looks like offering to do free work experience might be the best route in.

    All the jobs I’ve seen on job-sites require several years of experience and preferrably an apprenticeship or C&G qualification. Ideally, I’d try and do an apprenticeship, only at 26 I’m too old (you have to be under 25 to do an apprenticeship). Which *sucks* because the apprenticeship model of studying whilst working would be ideal.

  3. Pete Says:

    People lie about their age to join the army, why not to be a carpenter?

    The fact you can already make an electric guitar out of two bog rolls, half a tree a couple of bits of double sided sticky tape has to count for something.

  4. Ant Says:

    I’m tempted to apply twice, once with my real age, and once as a 23 year old. If they refuse one application and accept the other it’s a clear cut case of age discrimination and I can sue them for billions.


    I actually read a good article that someone sent Dad about people who do this kind of thing as their sole income. The gist of it was that employing anyone on contract was extremely risky, since EU regulations mean you can easily be stung for compensation. Examples were people who submit applications as Shah or Patel, and as Smith or Jones - if one gets shortlisted and the other rejected they have a case for discrimination. But I digress…

  5. Jamie Says:

    I’m well envious of people with an overt skill, interest or career. They’re absolutely sorted. From Tim Webster’s nerd obsession of web design meaning his doesn’t have to work, to Will Webster’s nerd obsession with office work and money, so he’s happy getting up every morning, to your obsession with carpentry. So I say persue it. My only overt interests are working out (and I can’t be a bodybuilder, or would want to be) and playing guitar. And everyone knows being in a successful band is like 1000000000 to 1.

    Go Ant go!

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