Sawdust everywhere…

Work started on the body today - cutting thin slices from the back of the bodies to make up the grain matched cavity covers. The Rough shape of the cover is routed around, and the rest of the body planed down to near final thickness. The covers are then sawn off, lined up for the best match and marked out, before being trimmed to the final dimension. Then, the back is planed flat and smooth, and the recesses for the covers are routed.

After addressing the cavities in the back, the larger weight relief/tone chambers are marked out, and a 1″ forstner bit hogs out the bulk of the wood. This saves strain on the router bit which will take the chambers to the finished dimensions. The final shape is produced with a template and bearing guided bit - shown in the last picture, atop the two rough chambered bodies.

4 Responses to “Sawdust everywhere…”

  1. Pete Says:

    So what happens to the rest of the wood from the layer on the back of the guitar?

    Is it routed into tiny chunks and sacrificed to the gods of rock?

  2. Ant Says:

    I’m afraid so. If I had a bandsaw capable of resawing bits of wood 14″ wide I could saw off the whole back and cutout the cavity cover, but as it is, the wood gets atomised with a router.


    I think with practice I can take a much tinner piece and use it to veneer a cover made of something else - there’s no structural advantage to a solid wood cover, and one laid up out of veneer is probably more stable.

  3. Tim Says:

    Very nice work. You do realise one of those guitars wants f-holes though.

  4. Wil Says:

    Great article,
    I am gonna build one of these and I want to make my own carving planes. Do you have plans for the small planes? How does the chambered LP sound compared to regular LP?

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