We come from the land of the Ice and Snow…

This weekend the residents of London were graced with the presence of Matt, Chris and Ruth, all the way from f frozen North; along with Guy, from the marginally less frosty SouthWest. They were important ingredients in a fiendishly eventful weekend, which entailed 3 sloth-speed crawls through Dunstable High St in search of the elusive Chronos Engineering, 2 gigs, several hundred pistachios (”Ruth, are you eating those with the shells on?”), far too much ethanol, 1 band practise, and 1 particularly unyeilding glass door (if you don’t know about this, I’m not telling!). Despite all this, I did manage to get some work done - and here’s the evidence:

The electronics cavity covers are fitted, and the binding material has been laminated up from neck blank offcuts with maple veneer for the side purfling, then ripped and planed to size. The penultimate shot shows one of the nice features of preparing your own trim - bookmatched binding, which will create a nice symetrical pattern where they meet by the rear strap button. Finally, I got the tops cut out - curly maple on the left, and John’s ripple sycamore (with a very light spalting in places) on the right.

Oh, and sorry for the gratuitous ’stripey shavings’ pics, I have a bit of a soft spot for them…

2 Responses to “We come from the land of the Ice and Snow…”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Go on…tell the glass door story again… it was most amusing!

    Also, it will make us all feel better following your apparently WAY too constructive behaviours on the guitar making front at the weekend!

  2. Jamie Says:

    Man the hits on your cluster map are totally mad. So many more than mine. You and your stupid specialist website.

    Still, any asparagine traffic is a good thing I guess.

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