Ack…. my fingers!

Note to self: No more carving the inside of guitar tops until I’ve invested in some gouges. Or maybe a CNC mill. I could find the space…

No blurb yet (I’ll write something tomorrow) but a few pics:

15 Responses to “Ack…. my fingers!”

  1. Pete Says:

    So does that cryptic comment about gauges mean you carved it a bit fine in places?

    I suppose it could be a little scary hacking at both sides of an expensive bit of wood…

  2. Ant Says:

    No, the top is a nice even 1/4 inch throughout, but getting it there with just that tiny little plane and my chisels was hard on the fingers. A nice fishtail gouge would have taken the material out much faster, and given me more to get hold of.

    What you’ve done there, is you’ve confused ‘gouges’ with ‘gauges’.

    Probably not helped by my spelling it ‘guages’ in the post (fixed now!)…

  3. Ruth Says:

    Gauges, gauges, gouges? In any case… looks pretty cool…

    Anyone else suddenly feel strangely unskilled & pathetic?!

  4. Steve Says:

    Love your work!
    Very interested in that top carving jig you made for the router, any chance you could divulge a little info about how you made it?

  5. Ant Says:

    Sure; I posted a thread about it on the MIMF. You can find it Here. It doesn’t get you to the final shape, but it does a good job off hogging most of the excess off, and giving you a symetrical base to start from.

  6. Steve Says:

    Thanks very much, I’m sure I’ll get plenty of use out of it.

  7. Rafael (BRAZILIAN luthier) Says:

    Hi. I really admire your work, both the guitar building and, let’s say - the guitar sharing tips…
    As someone above said, the picture carve_with_jig.jpg has a simple but nice jig for holding your router so you can use it to carve the top. Judging by the picture, your jig works well enough. Could you post something about it or reply my message with some tips on how did you built this “router holder for crazy jobs”? Would be nice because here in Brazil we have difficulties regarding tools; you could never imagine how hard it was buying my first router…
    Thanks in advance and let me know if you need some help or something else from Brazil!

  8. Ant Says:


    The link I gave in response to Steve shows the jig in more detail, and explains how I set it up. It’s basically just an overhead router base, with an adjustable guide to control how far over the guitar body the cutter can pass.

  9. Rafael (BRAZILIAN luthier) Says:

    Great! I’ve tried the link before but it was not working. Now it is and I could see better this amazing and simple jig. Thanks a lot!

  10. Jamie Says:

    Did you get my email about the guitar I wanted? You didn’t respond… Call yourself a businessman? You may make a mean guitar but with customer service like that, you’ll never create an empire.

  11. Ant Says:

    Ah…. yep. I got it. Sorry, you know how I am with emails. well, your emails :P

    I’ll knock together an aproximate price for the weekend. I need to find an upto date pricelist from my wood supplier. I’ve found 3 out of date ones; really should throw those away….

  12. brady Says:

    Hey, this is kinda an old post to comment on, but the tool you need is a spokeshave. Stanley makes a convex spokeshave that has a C shaped curved and allows you to carve out the insides of guitars. It’s also useful in carving the top!

  13. Ben aka Supernova9 Says:

    Brady, I think you’ll find a spokeshave won’t be too useful, gouges are the tool of choice for the inside carve. If I remember correctly, Setch owns a number of spokeshaves - if it were suitable for the task, you would have seen him using them.

    They are useful for carving the outside of the top though.

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  15. Lynwood Gabardi Says:

    Hey. Unique stuff.

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