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Jul 13 2004, 03:53 PM

Now I route for the pickups. First step towards the p’up routing is making the template. I rough it out with the jigsaw.

Rough template

Once it’s roughed, I attach 4 bits of scrap with straight edges. These are doublesided taped on, and carefully lined up with the paper on the template.

Template template

This goes over to the router table, where I clean up using a template follower bit. I repeat this for the ears of the template. Here’s the result:

Finished template

First I route the bridge pickup, attaching it to the body with plenty of doublesided tape and a clamp at the neck end of the body. I make 200% sure that the template can’t wobble or shift during the routing then I rip into it.

Bridge pickup routed

Then I fit the neck, using tiny paper shims to prevent *any* shifting in the pocket. It doesn’t take much if you did a good job routing the pocket. Once the neck is nicely seated and can’t move, I clamp the pickup template to it, and tape it at the opposite end, using a piece of vinyl flooring with tape on both sides to take up the gap between the template and body. This has just the right amount of give to hold the template solid but conform to the top contours to grip better.

Neck pickup template

With the template solidly fixed I route the neck pickup. Here’s completed job - nice and clean, and the tenon has been trimmed too. To route the deeper ears I slip an insert into the route, and run the bearing against the insert and the sides of the route until the ears are at full depth. There’s a good pic of this kind of insert at Derek’s website.

Pickups routed Pickups Closeup

MKGBass asked: Is the headstock unthicknessed there, is it crooked? Maybe an illusion but the whole thing seems to tilt towards the treble….regardless, even pictures of some of your rigs and such have thus far inspired new ideas for me to expand on….beautiful work

I saw that too - freaked me out. I’ve got no idea why it looks like that, since the head and body are both on the same plane. I think it’s either an illusion caused by the angles of the table it’s sitting on, or maybe be the fretboard was popping up (since it’s only resting on) on the bass side.

When I saw the pic I nearly dropped a load in my pants - had to run and check I hadn’t somehow screwed the pooch and not noticed till now!

helliumbrz asked: Setch, firstly I would like to congratulate you for the execellent work.

I would like to ask you about this “pickup angle”, did you calculate it? or it is a free angle between the end of the fingerboard and the bridge?

thanks a lot



You’re bang on with the pickup plane - it’s simply the flat plane created if you join the end of the fretboard to the bridge. To be precise, I mark it from the end of the fretboard, to 1/4 inch infront of the bridge, so that the bridge will be located on a flat area.

Jul 28 2004, 01:01 AM

Well, pretty sparse pics - once again work is a distraction from the important stuff sad.gif

Here’s the guitar after drilling for the controls

controls drilled

And after routing the rear cavities and cover recesses. I’m realy close to gluing the neck now, I just need to shape the heel and head transitions.

Cavities routed

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