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EOTN @ Woody’s Club

Tuesday, March 29th, 2005

Bank holiday weekend coverage begins with pictures from End of the New’s gig at Woody’s Club in Westbourne Park. GT folk will be fascinated to know that our old haunt The Golbourne House is under new management. I can also report that Trellick Tower is still standing.

Trellick Tower

On to blurry pictures from the gig, this time taken with my new 6630 and a mostly useless detachable flash gadget.

#27: Tim contemplates his next effects pedal purchase

Tim contemplates his next effects pedal purchase

#28: Isadora’s Cigarette

Isadora's Cigarette

EOTN @ The Archway Tavern

Friday, February 25th, 2005

Minor histrionics and drunken guitar throwing last night at another End Of The New gig in Archway.

Bring on the blurry pictures!

#22: Pob plays the drums!

Pob plays the drums!

#23: Center stage: A Punk Rock Jessica Rabbit

Center stage: A Punk Rock Jessica Rabbit

#24: Jamie’s signature move

Jamie\'s signature move.

#25: Tim’s Doctor Who coat

Tim\'s Doctor Who coat

#26: Hiding behind a pillar

Hiding behind a pillar

End Of The New cynically bid for your attention

Monday, January 31st, 2005

In a new marketing campaign designed to get people to their shows End Of The New have paid a student to wear a t-shirt with their upcoming gigs on it. Their meat billboard, Joshua, will be wearing this t-shirt every day for a month and mailing pictures to the band.

End Of The New's pet monkey

EOTN @ Turnmills

Thursday, January 20th, 2005

Yet more “Blurry pictures taken at End Of The New gigs”.

No good pictures of Jamie, as there were no lights at his end of the stage.

#19: Hello Farringdon!

Hello Farringdon!

#20: Flickering sticks

Flickering sticks

#21: Jamie, creature of the shadows

Jamie, creature of the shadows

EOTN @ Dublin Castle

Wednesday, January 5th, 2005

The ever popular series returns: “Blurry pictures taken at End Of The New gigs”

This was their first gig with new drummer James Fenn.

#17: Uh oh! Am I random enough?

Uh oh! Am I random enough?

#18: Now with added Bovril

Now with added Bovril

EOTN @ Surface Noise (Infinity club)

Wednesday, November 10th, 2004

Traffic on this site is starting to fall back down to pre-pretzel levels. While complete inactivity would slowly convince new readers to stay away, wittering on about “my friend’s band” is bound to burn through my good karma faster. Here goes nothing.

Last friday I went along to another end of the new night at the Infinity Club in Picadilly. As always I enjoyed the show, but this time a few of us in the audience agreed a threshold has been reached - the band is good enough to deserve an audience beyond friends and family. If you’re interested in coming along to support a great new London band, check out these mp3s on their site - Vices and Twenty-Two.

Without further ado, here is another batch of “Blurry pictures taken at End Of The New gigs”

#12: A giant red octopus reaches for Jamie’s guitar

A giant red octopus reaches Jamie's guitar

#13: Miniature lobster-tinted drummer

Miniature lobster-tinted drummer

#14: Nat’s glowing aura

Nat's glowing aura

#15: Another step back would have fitted everyone in…

Another step back would have fitted everyone in...

#16: Q: What’s on Jamie’s rider? A: Sliced chicken and a banana

What's on Jamie's rider?

October All Over, second band on the bill, were also damn good and worth remembering:

October All Over

EOTN @ Bull & Gate

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004

Even more “Blurry pictures taken at End Of The New gigs”

#10: You can almost see the band
Bull & Gate stage

# 11: Oooooh! Pretty Lights!
Nice lights

A good set last Saturday with a fancy synth introduction that we didn’t hear from the bar. In pic #11 I didn’t spot that the lights were different colours on the night - red / green colourblindness strikes again.

EOTN @ Infinity Club

Wednesday, August 18th, 2004

Another selection from the series “Blurry pictures taken at End Of The New gigs”

#8: It’s better in the Bahamas!

It's better in the bahamas!

#9: Diiiiiiane!


DJ Fenn of the 0898z:

DJ Fenn

Monday Morning Blah

Monday, August 9th, 2004

A few short announcements to make, to anybody out there listening.

I’ve added Sarah’s Dubrovnik pictures to my photo album.

The mighty Guy Lawrance has installed WordPress and has been added to the links bar. Hopefully he’ll start posting interesting things real soon now - register your interest by adding comments to his “Hello Interweb!” post.

Free plug: End of the New are playing in Picadilly on Friday, followed by a dj set by “eotn and the 0898z”.

If you don’t know the 0898z, don’t worry - so few people have heard them that it’s hard to work out if they’re an in-joke or a band. There used to be a few entertaining 0898z web pages out there, but it looks like Tim (of EOTN) has unplugged the server. I can only speculate, but it seems likely this is either to save funds for another Hagstrom guitar or to hide the dark and sordid history of his band members from prying eyes. At the time of writing, an 0898z discography still persists in the google cache.

Update: Apparently the outage was temporary. My speculations were, as usual, idle and unfounded in truth.

EOTN @ Buffalo Bar

Monday, June 21st, 2004

Continuing my series - “Blurry pictures taken at End Of The New gigs”

#3: A Timnami rolls across the stage


#4, #5, #6: Jamie, Tim and Nat

Jamie Tim Nat

#7: Almost in focus!

This one's almost in focus! Wow!

Update: Here is the review from that notepad wielding web journalist: “Lyrics could be about anything, but whatever it is, IT MAKES THEM MAD.”