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Jerry Springer The Opera

Friday, May 28th, 2004

Saw Jerry Springer The Opera at the Cambridge Theatre on Friday night. It was crass, rude, extremely silly and very fun - imagine a stage full of KKK members tap dancing in front of a flaming cross and you’ll get the idea. Partially written and directed by Stewart Lee of Lee and Herring fame.

Jerry @ Cambridge Theatre

If, like us, you can’t justify buying a programme on top of the ticket price, consider stealing a roll of their custom bog paper. Every sheet is printed with “That was your Je - rry Spring - er mo - ment”.

Souvenir bogroll That was your Jerry Springer moment!

My Phidget has arrived.

Friday, May 28th, 2004

My usb servo controller has arrived from in Canada and I’ve managed to get it to jiggle the servo around on demand, which is enough to do what I have in mind. To make this noodling more interesting for spectators, a plastic smurf has been blu-tacked onto the servo shaft.

Dancing smurf Phidget Servo Controller Servo & Smurf

In case you’re wondering what a servo is, this page has a nice simple explanation, along with a useful hack to turn a servo into a simple motor.

Best suggestion so far - couple the servo to a motion detector and a stuffed beaver from Get Stuffed taxidermists. Then you can have the beaver turn to track and stare at people in the room…. creepy!

More blurry camera phone pics!

Thursday, May 27th, 2004

I’ve snapped the New Barnet station fox again. This time I caught it playing on the train tracks in broad daylight - this fox fears nothing!

another fox pic

Here is my most treasured work-desk decoration, this is my 26th birthday card from my brother - one of the few drawings he’s done since finishing his illustration degree. I’m not sure why the bowler is a cowboy, but he must have strong wrists to roll a 26 pound ball. Drawn in pilfered Thresher paint-markers on corrugated cardboard:

a bowling cowboy

…. and here’s Uma! Snapped outside the Kill Bill 2 premiere a couple of weeks ago. Sarah won some tickets to a preview screening at the same time as the premiere, so we were hanging around outside when all the stars did their red carpet thing. In case you can’t spot which blur she is, she’s the one in the nice black dress right in the middle of the shot. I think it will be another couple of years before the rest of the Paparazzi make the switch to camera phones….


My nokia takes nice shots of cinema screens - here’s what she really looks like:

The bride.

Doctor Who….. hey!

Tuesday, May 25th, 2004

I overdosed on Doctor Who last night - UK Gold is showing a couple of stories a week, with all the 20 minute episodes from each story run together into one long movie. With a tivo and judicious use of the fast forward button you can get through a whole story in fifteen minutes - pausing only for the best hammy acting and shots of comedy monsters. Pirate Planet was the most fun, featuring a script by Douglas Adams and a climactic fight between K9 and a robot parrot.

Production is now underway on a new series starring Billie Piper as the doctor’s companion. Who’d have thought they could find another actress as irritating as Bonnie Langford?

The fox picture

Friday, May 21st, 2004

So here it is, the fox picture I’ve been waving in front of everybody that I’ve met for the last month or so. I took it just after getting off a train at New Barnet station and walking up the road a little. The fox was the other side of a fence and not shy at all, it came up to the fence and looked right at me. I took about fifteen pictures of it, but the first one of it peering round a tree at me came out best. Here it is:

The famous fox picture

Monday’s Matrix Moment

Friday, May 21st, 2004

On Monday, as I came out of work on Ladbroke Grove, I saw the craziest guy I’ve seen for a long while. The first thing I saw was a convertible sports car pulling out of lane, charging down a lane of oncoming traffic and hooting furiously. I was just trying to figure why anyone would do that when I saw why. Stood in the middle of the lane opposite was a man, legs bent and partially crouched, shouting agressively at the oncoming car in front of him to “Come on!”. As it came towards him he ran straight towards it and up the bonnet, kicking a hole in the windscreen before landing on the road beside it. He got up and sat on the end of the Ladbroke Grove rail bridge, shouting threats at anyone who got close. After a minute he moved back into the road to look for more cars.

When I looked about, I saw another car pulled over with a cracked windscreen. This guy had obviously just decided to try and take on any car that came along, and the level of aggression he was showing was off the scale. It’s impressive that he managed to do the same trick more than once without serious injury though.

After about 15 minutes the police arrived, cuffed him, and took him away. I guess he’ll be somewhere with soft walls very soon.

British Interactive Media Association

Thursday, May 20th, 2004

Looks like I’ll be going along to this BIMA Accesibility dialogue on 2nd June.

2nd June update: Looks like I won’t be going - Steve has promised me a spare ticket for the Pixies concert in Brixton tonight, their first UK show in about 10 years.

Kazuyasha! Yatta!

Wednesday, May 19th, 2004

One of the main reasons I put this blog up was to share some of the pictures I keep taking on my camera phone. Given the blurry, lo-res nature of the device I’ve had quite a lot of success with it.

So yeah, anyone that has talked to me for the past month or so has already seen my fox picture and will be bored by it. To build suspense for those who haven’t seen it, I’ll brag a little now and leave it a few days before posting it. For the moment I have some other stuff - here are a couple of pictures from Kaz’s birthday:

Kazuyasha! Ant narcs out. Again.