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End Of The New cynically bid for your attention

Monday, January 31st, 2005

In a new marketing campaign designed to get people to their shows End Of The New have paid a student to wear a t-shirt with their upcoming gigs on it. Their meat billboard, Joshua, will be wearing this t-shirt every day for a month and mailing pictures to the band.

End Of The New's pet monkey

Nintendo DS now available

Friday, January 28th, 2005

If you’ve got any recently bought nintendo game or console boxes kicking around this morning, you could be one of the first to get a UK Nintendo DS - 3000 are available via the Nintendo Stars Catalogue this morning. I registered a while ago hoping to pick up a free game disc they were offering, so my DS will go in the post once I’ve called up and given them my credit card details.

You’ll need 1000 promotional stars to get a DS, along with £129.99 of real money. The stars are redeemed from vouchers in game boxes - 1000 stars for a Gamecube or about 250-500 for a game.

Neberdjer African Tantra Ranch

Wednesday, January 26th, 2005

Now to the truly bizarre. Last week, while doing some Popbitch-inspired googling for an exact definition of “Reverse Pony”, I stumbled on the site of the Neberdjer African Tantra Ranch.

Your host and hostess

Your host Joseph Ammon Ra (pictured above right) has followed a life-long path of enlightenment and discovered the origin of tantra in Africa.

Here are some highlights from his religous, sexual and political manifestos:

Our goal and mission is to restore the thinking of the whole being, body, mind, spirit and emotion united, (As One) back into the consciousness of the suffering people of this earth that have been taught and brainwashed to feel guilty and ashamed about the spiritualsexual portion of their beingness.

We at Neberdjer do not come with a millions messages. Our two main messages and commitments is for the equality, complete freedom, respect, and rights of all women and in tandem teaching the lost history of the children of Mother Africa the world over. These are our primary focus and goals here at Neberdjer. We shall never stop until these dreams are a reality. Join us!

Actually, there are a million messages. Amongst them this eloquent rejection of Yahweh’s gynophobia:

This sexual repressed god would kill a man for masturbating if he let his seed hit the ground at climax, he abhors whores, fornication and adultery (three more Hebrew esoteric cult words). Yet Yahweh allows Abraham to marry Sara who is in fact his half-sister, according to Gen. 20:12, which means that she and Abram have an incestuous marriage. Not a word is spoken from this god. This kind of debilitating, archaic view of sex stemming from the Hebrew god has made it’s way into modern religion and thinking and numbed our ability to logically think and reason. This concept from this aberrant god of the bible, Koran and torah has crippled the world and gave birth to religious groups with Gynophobia, Eroto-phobia, Coitophobia, Hedonophobia and twisted sex hating religious system filled with a evil pro-enslavement pro-hegemony and mentality corruption germane to Christians, Jews and Moslems causing unrelenting terror, horror, suffering and unwarranted attacks upon Abyssinians, non-pink (so called white) peoples and women.

So, to the punchline…. searchers for truth are invited to book into the Las Vegas ranch, pay a fee and perform a ritual of negation with one of the high priestesses of Neberdjer. If you think this sounds a lot like like a brothel, I guess you’d be right. If a hokey new-age religion has managed to get these “donations” classified tax-deductible then Joseph Ammon Ra may be the smartest pimp on the planet.

Finding the porn you thought you’d deleted, in front of your boss.

Wednesday, January 26th, 2005

For anyone vaguely curious about what happened to the pre-alpha Gnome/Mono search technology Dashboard, a lot of it has gone into a live desktop search project called Beagle.

There are some nice beagle demos here, captured with vnc2swf.

Guy’s crystal garden

Friday, January 21st, 2005

Guy has just posted a picture of the Crystal Garden we gave him for his birthday.

The trees look like poisonous cauliflowers.

I, Cringely - The New Mac Mini is All About Movies

Friday, January 21st, 2005

This weeks “I, Cringely” column is pretty interesting, hypothesizing that Apple is silently positioning the Mac Mini as an HDTV download service. If there’s any truth in this, by the time Blockbuster decides on an HDTV capable optical disc format then Apple could have shiny iTunes-store boxes sitting next to brand new Sony TVs all over America.

I, Cringely - The New Mac Mini is All About Movies

IFlix anyone?

EOTN @ Turnmills

Thursday, January 20th, 2005

Yet more “Blurry pictures taken at End Of The New gigs”.

No good pictures of Jamie, as there were no lights at his end of the stage.

#19: Hello Farringdon!

Hello Farringdon!

#20: Flickering sticks

Flickering sticks

#21: Jamie, creature of the shadows

Jamie, creature of the shadows

Bwahahaha! Your number is up comment spammers!

Wednesday, January 19th, 2005

Google has a plan to completely remove the incentive for their evil trade. That’ll teach the bastards.

Things have been more relaxed around here since I wrote an sql script to auto-disable comments on posts older than 30 days. Before that I was ending up with so many comments landing in my moderation queue that I didn’t even have time to read them all.

When things were at their worst I was tempted to follow Tom’s example and add an image to my comment form, but I decided against it. By necessity that approach is completely inaccessible to blind users, and if anyone noticed my hypocrisy the only honorable way out would be seppuku.

Trent Park Animal Centre

Tuesday, January 18th, 2005

Some quick snaps from our Sunday visit to Trent Park Animal Centre.

A Shetland Pony A tawny owl. I'll scratch your eyes out!

In case you’re wondering, by slowly backing away I was able to avoid the karate kid showdown with rooster-san. A couple of minutes later we saw him taunting a caged mink - that’s a fearless bird.

Hello Dr Nick

Thursday, January 13th, 2005

If any of our York crowd are wondering what Dr Nick Halper has been up to following his PhD in computer graphics, he’s finished building his first English language site: Baby Gaga Stroller Reviews.