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Stig are on tour

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Update: The tour is cancelled. I am most disappointed, but fortunately I found out before going to the windmill. Bugger.

Stig, my favourite providers of deranged musical chaos, are on tour this week. My tastes only respond to a broken and insane mockery of what most people would consider music, but I really can’t get enough of them.

Here are the dates that may be useful if you want to check them out:

Thurs 26th Oct
Wrong Music @ The Volks Brighton

Fri 27th Oct
The Windmill, Brixton

Tue 31st Oct
The Zodiac - Oxford
Suitable Case For Treatment’s last show

I’m heading to Friday’s show in Brixton and I’m pretty tempted to trek to SCFT’s send off in Oxford, though it’ll mean a crazy late night train ride back to London.

Fresh meat

Saturday, October 21st, 2006

Please welcome Les and Joe to the asparagine feed me page.

In other news, Sarah and I have had the week off to decorate. We’ve painted the downstairs ceiling, stairs and walls and ripped the carpet up, and now have to live on a concrete floor until our wooden one is installed. Owing to a minor rethink in the plan caused by slightly suspicous damp levels in the floor we’re regrouping until we can get a layer of plywood glued down under the oak planks we’ve bought. We’re both extremely grateful for all the leadership and muscle power we’ve received from John, Tom, Ant and my Dad.

Sometimes, I don’t even agree with myself

Monday, October 9th, 2006

For more details, see Dynamic inconsistency.

Students, the night before an exam, often wish that the exam could be put off for one more day. If asked on that night, such students might agree to commit to paying, say, $10 on the day of the exam for it to be held the next day. Months before the exam is held, however, students generally do not care much about having the exam put off for one day. And, in fact, if the students were made the same offer at the beginning of the term, that is, they could have the exam put off for one day by committing during registration to pay $10 on the day of the exam, they probably would reject that offer. It is the exact same choice, just made a different points in time, and because the outcome would change depending on the point in time, the students would exhibit time inconsistency.

Each day smokers face a dynamic inconsistency: their best plan is to enjoy smoking today, but to quit tomorrow in order to get health benefits. However, the next day, the plan is the same; enjoy smoking today and quit tomorrow. This goes on, and they never give up, even though they plan to, hence the inconsistency.

I think we’re all familiar with situations where this happens. It’s interesting to note that a lot of the time we won’t even agree with ourselves regarding important decisions, let alone each other. For me, a natural procrastinator, a big part of getting older and more experienced is realising when I need to act now to avoid disappointing myself in the future.