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Monday, November 1st, 2010

Nagendra > I would like to let you know that you ordered two serviceson separate promotions. If you check on the Terms and Conditions ofeach offer, you will find it states that the offer cannot be combinedwith another offer. You can however, opt to have the Double Playbundle for only $69.99/mo for 6 months. You will enjoy the sameservices at that special rate given to new customers only.

Peter_ > I see - a double play bundle including just phone and internet is not listed on your web site. Does that double play bundle include only phone and internet?

Peter_ > I do not require cable tv.

Nagendra > It’s phone and internet.

Peter_ > OK. What will the cost after 6 months be.

Nagendra > Let me check it for you.

Nagendra > I am still working on your account.

15 minute wait

Peter_ > I guess that was a complicated question then. I had no idea.

Nagendra > It would cost you $129.93 per month after promotional period.

Peter_ > Wow. That’s just for telephone and internet?

Nagendra > Yes.

Peter_ > Is there a cheaper internet and phone package I can downgrade to in a double play? They don’t seem to be listed on the web site.

Nagendra > Peter, this is the cheapest one as you can seen on our website. [they can't, actually - Pete]

Nagendra > We can only offer you the service that is indicated online.

Peter_ > Is there an internet only offer I could get?

Nagendra > Yes, you can get it would cost you $57.95 + $5.00 (modemrent) + taxes.

Nagendra > I would like to give you a brief discription of our promotional offer that we are running in your area with effordableprice.

Peter_ > Is that introductory or a permanent rate?

Nagendra > It’s our regular price.

Nagendra > Peter, we do have a package here that you might be interested in.

Nagendra > I have a great package for you which is our Preferred XFTriple Play Bundle for only $119.99/month for 12 months. This includes Digital preferred cable, High Speed Internet and Digital Phoneservice.

So net result? I will not be signing up for a land line in my apartment. $65/month for a fast cable internet is reasonable, especially as Comcast seem to be the only wired internet on offer in this area. But I’m completely baffled that they think I’m going to pay $70/monthly for a “digital voice” phone line on top of that? Have they not heard of Skype?