Austria pics

Here are some random camera-phone pictures from our week in Austria. I’m missing pics of Justin, Monica and Nick, which is really not on purpose. There are many more pictures around the place, so I’ll have to resurrect my photo album fairly soon and put them somewhere proper.

Here’s a few things we got up to:

  • Giving Sylvia a good send off on her way back to Venice.
  • Catching up with Justin and Monica and interrupting their epic European camping tour.
  • Dancing like broken puppets in Nick’s home disco
  • Jumping off a four metre cliff into a freezing alpine lake.
  • Some fairly sedate white water rafting. Monica fell in. No Risk, No Fun!
  • Playing pool in New Amsterdam, Nick’s favourite bar.
  • Bicycling until it hurt, and then for a couple more hours after that.
  • Admiring Nick’s expertly designed minibar and thoroughly testing it for him.

It was a lot of fun. Thanks Nick!

The start of the week was so wet that Ant bought new shoes. His old leaking shoes were ceremonially dumped:

Ant's shoenural

Here’s Sarah holding Harry, the 10-week old trainee guard dog at New Amsterdam:


Here is the Lindwurm, the disturbingly phallic symbol of Klagenfurt:

The Lindwurm! The lindwurm again!

Finally, on our last day the weather cleaned up. We had a brilliant day of rafting, followed by a meal with a sunset view of the Dolomites:

The dolomites

8 Responses to “Austria pics”

  1. JamesB Says:

    A home disco? Can’t wait to see the photos…

  2. pete Says:

    If you can imagine some flashing traffic lights added to the front of the minibar, then you’re on the right track. It was great fun.

    Fortunately I don’t think there are many photos of that evening.

  3. Guy Says:

    Hope you recorded the dancing - like last time Nick!

    Who are Justin and Monica again?

  4. pete Says:

    Justin was one of the longest standing designers at Incline, who merged with Goodtech a few years ago. He’s an excellent animator and did all the character graphics for the FT game I starred in. He left recently and is enjoying a tour around Europe with his g/f Monica.

    I’ve foolishly left all our rafting pictures with Ant, so I’ll put some more pictures up when I get them.

  5. Ant Says:

    Here’s a link to a group shot:

    Standing Left to right: Silvia, Monica, Justin, Sarah, Pete. Crouching: Ant and Nick.

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