The Lobsters & Murder Mile @ Project 142

The Lobsters have stepped out of the rehearsal room and on to a stage, playing as a warm up act for Murder Mile at Project 142 in Hackney. We sounded as good as we’ve ever sounded and the audience made polite clapping noises between the songs. Our secret weapon, Screamin’ Kaz Rubins, managed to distract from any cockups the rest of the band were making.

The Lobsters

From left to right:
Bass Guitar - Pete “Wake Up” Setchell, locked into his best Steve Harris impression and hypnotized by his fingers
Drums - Joe “Prodigal Son” Hoy
Vocals - Karen “I never knew you could scream like that” Rubins
Bass Guitar - Lesley “I can’t hear myself through the PA” Arnold
Guitar - Ant “If I sneak over to my left, nobody can see me behind these keyboards” Setchell

We have two bassists, as it’s the easiest way to make sure we’re always playing two wrong bass notes at once.

Our set:
Bad Guys (vaguely resembles the song from Bugsy Malone)
London Dungeon (Misfits cover)
Do Your Brothers Have Tongues?
Freedom Of Choice (Devo cover)
Strolling Astronomer (Fu Manchu cover)
Caught By Dwarves

It sounds like the minidisc recording we made was pretty crappy, so we’ll try and get hold of one made through the sound desk. As you can see, we’re pretty prolific song writers. In five or six years of rehearsing we’ve managed to get two songs of our own up to a standard we felt comfortable playing live. All the rest were just songs we’ve been covering for fun.

We couldn’t have asked for a better venue for our first gig. Jonas and Murder Mile went out of their way to help us out, supplying amps and letting Joe completely reassemble their left-handed drum kit. After our set, they took the stage and comprehensively blew us out of the water.

Murder Mile

Their new lineup is fantastic. There were one or two rusty spots, but they’ve successfully taken on the mantle of the old one and were full of energy and very tight. Jonas is an incredible singer and front man, writhing all over the stage, strolling through the audience and generally beating the shit out of the songs and himself. If you want to hear them, you can pick up their old “Where dogs go to die” E.P. here.

Finally, here’s a pic showing a little more of the “yellow submarine” style interior of Project 142.

Project 142

24 Responses to “The Lobsters & Murder Mile @ Project 142”

  1. Matt Says:

    Glad it went well… you look very “metal”… it’s a little weird seeing you with short hair though!


  2. Jamie Says:

    You put yourselves down to much! Bet you’re pretty good. nice pics too!

    Well looking forward to the Bull & Gate gig that’s gonna happen… Eh! Eh! You can get a gig their just by using the two songs of your own that were recorded live.

    Set up a myspace site too. I want more pages to look at when at work!

  3. Ant Says:

    As unlikely as it seems, we don’t put ourselves down enough…

    Still - it was fun, and something I’d like to do more. Nobody threw anything, and that’s what really counts. Of course, next time I want Kaz to split her face open doing a forward-roll off the stage: you know you’ve done yourself proud when the guitarist has to wipe your blood off the mic before the next band use it…

  4. Phil P Says:

    Nice one - conga-rats! Pete: maybe I’m confused by the blurry picture, and I haven’t seen you for a few mnths, but it looks suspiciously like… you’ve had a… haircut??

  5. pete Says:

    Yes! Yes I have. Cut my hair short a month before trying to rock out on stage, which was a bit silly. Still - it was time for a change.

    Seriously, I reckon we were fairly entertaining. There’s lots of room for improvement, but it’s only going to happen if we play live a few more times. Apart from Kaz and Joe, the rest of us are pretty wooden on stage and really need to loosen up and move around a little. I’m not kidding when I say I was transfixed by my fingers - that’s something I need to work on.

    We’re going to try and finish a few more of our songs so we don’t have to pad the set out ridiculously, and then play again in a few months time. As long as we avoid any kind of “wait til we’re ready” mentality then we’ll be fine - otherwise I would have learnt to play my instrument before joining a band and where would that have got me?

  6. Phil P Says:

    Cool. Well if you’re ever looking for a lively frontman to spice things up a bit, you know who to call - you know that with a few tequillas down my neck I can be a great source of entertainment hehe :)

  7. pete Says:

    With a few tequilas your breakdancing is pretty good - that much I can agree with.

    As Ant semi-related, Jonas did a Phil style manouver off the front of the stage and managed to bloody himself up pretty nicely. Not that he minded at all…

    Kaz is a great singer and front for our band. She’s got more than enough charisma to make up for the rest of us and she can scream bloody murder.

  8. Guy Says:

    I’m impressed! Out of the rehearsal room and about to be signed up!

    Looking forward to your next gig, where hopefully I can make it.
    As most people have already mentioned, I would not have recognised Pete either, with his new ’shorter’ hair cut.

    PS - So no Oasis covers?

  9. pete Says:

    Guy, you mad man! I had short hair when I met up with you in Portobello a month ago! You have no excuse for not recognising me.

    No. No Oasis covers. Oasis are the musical epitomy of a lack of imagination. They are the anti-lobsters.

  10. Jamie Says:

    I thought they were just a bunch of arses…

  11. pete Says:

    Yeah, they are. It doesn’t stop their music being soul-destroyingly boring.

  12. Guy Says:

    Your buzz-cut look in Portobello road so surprised me that my mind had blanked it from my memory!

    Back onto Oasis, Jamie’s York Uni namesake certainly did not think they were boring …

  13. Matt Says:

    Chaz ‘n’ Dave are great though…. give me a london girl everytime… and there was a song about rabbits too and even one about billiards. Class.

    Oasis suck though.

  14. Tim Says:

    Sonds kool. I’ll have to check you guys out a few gigs down the line when you’re good and relaxed.

  15. Jamie Says:

    Guy, are you refering to me? I’m confused. (as always)

    P.S. I’ve linked you on my site. You owe me!

  16. Tim Says:

    I was talking to Pete, seeing as this thread is about his band, and the alternatives are Chaz ‘n’ Dave and Oasis. Why on earth would I want you to link my goddamn myspace profile anyway? I don’t want loads of strangers checking out my shit- one reason I only add people I know.
    Maybe link me when I can be bothered to set-up a blog.

  17. pete Says:

    Hah. You’re both confused. Jamie is confused by Guy and you’re confused by Jamie.

    Guy is alluding to a fairly irritating bloke called Jamie who lived one door down from us when we were in halls in York. He loved Oasis and played Wonderwall at high volume all times of the day and night. You have no idea how much I loathe that song.

  18. Tim Says:

    So the only question that remains is… why has Jamie link my lameassed myspace profile?

  19. pete Says:

    Either to show off his famous friend or to deliberately wind you up. It’s nothing to do with me.

  20. Kaz Says:

    Yes, we did kick metal ass!

    And people seemed to actually like us… which was odd, to say the least. One girl said I was “the most exciting female vocalist I’ve seen in ages”. Another comment from Marius (guy who I was once violently sick all over) said “It’s great, but your name is shit. Change it.”

    You guys shouldn’t be so mean to Oasis. X-D

    Can we have a vote… who thinks the Lobsters is a shit name? And who likes it? What would a good alternative be?

    On the myspace question, I was recommended that we should get a myspace by Neil, a metal-dude at my work. Neil also practises at Station Studios, and on my recommendation asked Jim (the guy that works there) if he like Sin City. Apparently he did talk for ages. ~blink~

  21. Kaz Says:

    Sorry for the typos.

  22. Ant Says:

    *Neil also practises at Station Studios, and on my recommendation asked Jim (the guy that works there) if he like Sin City.*

    Kaz, you’re a bad person.

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