10 years old today

I’ve been working at GT for ten years as of yesterday. In internet years, which are somewhat shorter than dog years, I must be well over 100. To celebrate my advanced years I’ve been plied with cake and champagne by my colleagues (thanks very much!) and Dave H recounted the story of “how I got my foot in the door of a web agency”.

While noodling around in my third year at University I stole some Java applet code from a GT site (kylie.com) and some pictures from a comic and hammered the two together into Dress Tank Girl [1]. When I needed a job, I emailed GT and asked if they had any objections to my shameless theft and if they knew anywhere I could look for work. The rest is now history (and some 1,300,000 lines of code in GT version control!). Thanks to all the fearless and talented freaks who’ve worked here over the years I’ve somehow never gotten around to getting bored with the place.

[1] Fixed after ten years by a quick - decompile, debug, recompile. Otherwise exactly as Tom Hume left it when he wrote it for “Dress Kylie”.

2 Responses to “10 years old today”

  1. Phil Says:

    Congrats Pete - 10 years in the wilds of Nu Meedja and you still maintain a sense of humour ;)

  2. Tom Hume Says:

    Congratulations on serious staying power :) You have your GT Puberty to look fwd to, Sexual Pete…