Anathema @ Mean Fiddler

Danny & Vinny Danny & the string quartet Vinny

Had a great time with Karen, Ant and Dave at Friday’s Anathema acoustic show, which was actually a lengthy support set for Porcupine Tree side project Blackfield. We pretty much ignored Blackfield and were lucky enough to get about an hour of Anathema songs reworked for acoustic guitar, drums and accompanying string quartet.

5 Responses to “Anathema @ Mean Fiddler”

  1. Fat Hobbit Says:

    Sounds like it was a great gig…
    … so… why did you get kicked out? ;)

  2. Pete Says:

    There was a free club in the LA 2 until 3 and we got kicked out just after 1 for being drunken bums. The bands had finished hours before.

  3. moker Says:

    “we got kicked out just after 1 for being drunken bums” - So Anthony fell asleep then…

  4. pete Says:

    For a change, no. We got busted for dropping empty cans off the balcony. Sadly all the cans missed the strange shirt-wearing monkey man that we were aiming at.

  5. Guy Says:

    yobs these days!