asparagino's comic viewer



A minimal java-gnome application thrown together for viewing the contents of scanned comic archive files (.cbz, .zip etc.) on Linux.


Installation and Usage

This program should be fairly easy to get going on Debian unstable, which is what I run on my desktop box. Any suggestions of a more robust packaging arrangement would be appreciated.

  1. Install the dependencies: java (kaffe and GNU Classpath work well) and java-gnome version 2.6.0 or greater. On unstable Debian this should be as simple as "apt-get install kaffe libgnome2-java".
  2. Download and untar this archive: comicviewer-0.1.tar.gz
  3. Compiled java class files are supplied. Enter the comicviewer directory and use the comicviewer script to invoke them from the command line with the correct CLASSPATH. You may have to modify the script if your java-gnome bindings are installed somewhere odd.
  4. Open a .cbz comic file and read it. TADA!
  5. Optionally, modify the INSTALL_LOC variable in the comicviewer script to point at your installation directory so you can run it anywhere.

Should you wish to recompile the program, ensure that the appropriate jar files are in your CLASSPATH and recompile with javac


You will probably prefer one of these comic book viewers, which are now both more complete and featureful than mine:

Back when I wrote this I couldn't find packaged gtk perl bindings for Debian so it was quicker to write my own app than get CBView running.


This software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL. You are welcome to copy, adapt, improve and redistribute this software as long as you make your changes freely available to othersin turn.



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